Noonetime Charities funded and completed a self-sustainable clean water and sanitation project in Bondo Village, Kenya, allowing safe public access to clean running water. Toilets, sinks, and showers are now available for over 5,000 villagers in the community.


Clean, accessible water.

Women and children collect polluted and unsafe drinking water everyday from Lake Victoria. The women and children were the only water system in the area. They would risk their lives wading through 50 feet of thick hyacinth growth, infested with snakes (some poisonous), leeches and crocodiles. Having a clean, accessible water system has provided an opportunity for the women to become financially independent pursuing jobs and activities that bring them an income. The water project was pertinent, as it serves the entire community reducing typhoid and other water-borne diseases, presently very rampant in the village.

The Women’s Water Circles

The water project, also known as The Women’s Water Circles, came to fruition through the collaboration and hard work of local villagers in the community. The workers built a brick structure where they installed toilets, showers and large sinks in an area designated for communal use. This project was not only pertinent to leading healthier lives, but it has allowed the continuation of much needed social interaction.  The women in the village had their social time walking to the lake together and collecting the water. This was a time for them to share their ideas, their struggles, and hopes for their children, and their dreams. It has provided a social setting for them as well as providing for the daily needs of all in the village to be met, men and women alike.