Noonetime Charities, through the the Dada Meghan Girls' Football Club in western Kenya, provides an opportunity for empowerment through leadership development, team cooperation, discipline, sportsmanship, and self worth.

Noonetime partnered with Mama Na Dada to create Dada Meghan Girls’ Football Club in western Kenya. Noonetime Charities established and supports Dada Meghan Girls’ Football Club located in the villages surrounding Lake Victoria in Kenya, Africa. The soccer program initially consisted of one high school girls’ team in Kunya Village. Due to the tremendous impact soccer has had on creating hope, equality and empowerment for the girls, another 17 teams have been started in local high schools in the surrounding villages with many more to follow.


Noonetime Charities holds an annual Dada Meghan Girls’ Football Club Tournament.

This has become a spectacular event involving Dada Meghan GFC teams from the neighboring schools in Kunya Village, Bondo Village and Kogelo Village. The tournament offers support for girls to learn how to teach football skills and positive conflict resolution and to pass down these lessons to younger girls in the village.


Giving girls in Kenya a chance.

Meghan Noone’s vision of implementing a girl’s soccer program to empower women and children started in 2008 upon her first visit to Mama Na Dada in Kunya Village, Kenya, Africa. She was shocked to learn that the girls in the village were not given a chance to play soccer because they were considered ‘too slow and too weak.’ It was this mentality that Meghan could not accept. She was determined to provide an opportunity for the girls to play soccer, the same opportunity that the boys were given. Meghan realized how empowering this could be because in African communities, many girls never escape the devastating and lifelong consequences of gender discrimination that often lead to teenage pregnancy, prostitution, and homelessness. Since implementing the soccer program in 2008, teenage pregnancy as well as the HIV rate among teenage girls in the area has dropped significantly.

Creating the first girls soccer team in Kenya to empower women and children.

In 2009, Meghan was a contestant on Ryan Seacrest’s TV Show Bank of Hollywood on the E! Channel. She shared her vision for the girls soccer team in Kenya. The panel of celebrity judges voted in her favor and Meghan won $22,000.00 U.S. dollars.  The money went directly to Mama Na Dada, a non-governmental organization in Kenya to implement the very first girls’ soccer team and club, Dada Meghan Girls’ Football Club.

Sadly, in 2013, Mama Na Dada’s Circle of Hope Daycare Center burned to the ground. Mama Na Dada decided in 2014 not to rebuild the center and has relocated their Non Governmental Organization to Kisumu, Kenya.

Noonetime Charities has taken over full responsibility of Dada Meghan GFC and continues to thrive.